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“But Pitch causes nightmares in children, we guard their wonder and hope and fun.” ... “I'm on the fence,” Jack stated, crossing his arms. ... A Pitch Black x Fem! The Chronicles of Riddick (franchise) | All The Tropes Wiki | FANDOM ... Riddick or The Chronicles of Riddick (sometimes described as "Conan In Space") is a series of Low Science Fantasy Movies and ... Fanfic Recs • ... He seemingly was willing to leave Jack to die in Pitch Black, though, so this only goes so far. Compiling a list of CoR slash stories: simarillion Summary: Riddick decides that he prefers Vaako to the commanders scheming wife but when ... Summary: What is the real reason behind Riddick's anger about the loss of Kyra? ... This story is a crossover between Pitch Black and Sniper 470. Jack Avery Fanfiction Stories - Quotev Browse through and read jack avery fanfiction stories and books. ... On The Road// A WDW Fanfic. 2 weeks ... His Bloody Mary (Pitch Black/Riddick Fan Fiction).

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Richard B. Riddick/Original Female Character; Richard B. Riddick; Original Female Character(s) Summary. Feeling eyes on her she smirks knowing she was catching the attention of some people. Dipping down she twists her body sensually and opens her eyes. Feeling a different set of eyes on her she looks around while turning and stops. The Chronicles of Riddick Series - Works | Archive of Our Own This story is a sequel to a previous Pitch Black story that I wrote called A Perfect Circle. See the notes for a summary of that fan fiction. Escaped convict Richard B. Riddick and his new sexual partner, Skyler Givens, try to put together a new life and new identities after the crash of their original ship and subsequent escape from that planet. Darkness Within (Pitch Black/Riddick Fan Fiction ...

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"Jack" swiftly became one of the most popular characters from the film, for its fans, which has left many of those fans baffled and angered by the studio's decision not to cast Rhiana in the sequel. The Chronicles of Riddick (Film) - TV Tropes

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Riddick, Jack, and Abu al-Walid must fight their way through an army of mercs and creatures at her disposal. ... In Pitch Black, she had cropped cut hair, ... Harry Potter/Richard B. Riddick - Works | Archive of Our Own Also available on Fanfiction.net; ... Jack (Pitch Black) Ali ... Harry Potter/Richard B. Riddick/Tom Riddle (2) Pitch Black Oc Stories - Quotev Riddick knew something was different about her when she stepped ... It was pitch black as I stumbled through what seemed to be broken ... Jack Frost, is ... Add to ... Enter The Darkness - Pitch Black FanFic Archive A selection of the best Pitch Black stories on the net ... Life is about to take a sharp twist for Jack and Riddick as a legacy of circumstance begins... Jump To: 1 .

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